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Add a New Listing

Click on “Add Listing” on the menu bar at the top of the page. If you are not a member, sign up with all of your information and submit the request. You will then be sent back to the homepage where you can click on “Add Listing” and click on the blue button that says “Add a Property”. Insert the following information on page:

  • State: Choose a state from the drop down menu.
  • City: you must enter a valid City or the property will not save. As you type, options that match what you are typing will appear for you to choose from.
  • County: Once you have entered the State, the County box will have the list of all of the counties in that state. If for any reason the list of counties will not appear: you can choose another state, wait for those counties to appear, and go back to choose the correct state to select the appropriate county.
  • Status: This drop-down menu allows you to change the status of the property from "Available," to "Contract Pending."
  • Property Description: Any additional information that you would like to add, describing your property. This section is to be used for the description only. You will not be able to enter website or email information, nor can you use the @ symbol, as it is recognized as an email address.
  • Type of Property: (acreage, acreage w/house, etc.)
  • Number of Acres: You may include decimals in this field.
  • Price: The price should be listed with decimals, and numbers only.  No dollar signs or commas, i.e. $175,000.00 would be entered as 175000.
  • Upload Photos: To add a photo, simply click on the empty box and your browse window will open. Then click on the image you would like to upload, and hit the upload button.

Once you have completed this information, click on Submit.

Edit a Listing

To edit a listing, click on “Add Listing” and when you scroll to the bottom you will see all of your properties on there. On the bottom left corner of each property listing there is a button that says “Edit Details”. Edit the listing and hit submit.

Billing & Account History

To view your billing and account information, click on “Admin” on the menu bar and go to “My Account”. There you will be able to change your email, address, and information.